Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Airtel Super Singer 2008 Vijay TV - Episode of 7 and 8 th April

7th April
Today, Ravi rocked...

Both his songs were excellent and I liked the song 'Nalam Vaazha ..' very much, as Ravi could bring the emotion and melody which were missing recently in his songs ( though he was a perfectionist). Ajesh performed very well today also and was again blessed by the veteran singer Malaysia Vasudevan. We could see the extreme happiness and pride in his mother's face.

Renu's 'Unnai Vida.. ' was excellent and it brought a flying kiss from Sujatha. Both Renu and Ranjani got highest mark today.

8th April
The semi final was over and Renu, Ravi and Ajesh are going to final. It was sad to miss Ranjani- she lost it to Ajesh by a narrow marigin. Anyway hope to see her again through wild card choice.

Mano and Malaysia Vasudevan:
The presence of the legends were very much encouraging to the singers and their positive and useful comments were enjoyed by each and every one
Especially it was heart-whelming to note that senior singer Malaysia Vaasudevan called Ravi and Ajesh to his seat and blessed them. It was remarkable sight that both enjoyed thoroughly the performance of the contestants and recalled the creations of the Great Isai Gnani Ilayaraja

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