Thursday, May 14, 2009

I am addicted to watch Zoozoo of Vodafone...

Nowadays I have became a great fan of, (no I am addicted to) Zoozoo of Vodafone.

I love those amusing creatures with egg head doing all sorts of funny movements related to the catchy alerts, divert calls, call filters, international roaming etc.

Youtube has all the clips of these excellent ads and I spend more time in watching and laughing alone.

The best part of the creation is it is not animation. It is a novel concept of performance by real kids and trained drama artists with changing dress suited to the emotion. Imagine how difficult it would be to create the comic properties like horn, boxes, tables, photo copying machines huge size to make these actors look like small comic figures.

Have a look at Youtube link to see the making of Zoozoo:


  1. Yes,even I was surprised when I came to know that these are not animations.

  2. I seen the clips of making ads. It is really very difficult to make with kids and achieve the result.

    But they deserved it.