Friday, May 18, 2012

Being soft - a virtue or a weakness?

Being soft - a virtue or a weakness?

During early years I used to be proud when people say"this fellow is soft", thinking that it is a good virtue and people love and respect soft fellows. The reasons for being soft are two - 1. In- born quality, character 2. The way one is brought up by parents. I was born and brought up in a village where my father was a school teacher and our family was big. My father was a strict disciplinarian and mother used to cleverly manage the big family with a less income. She used to say that we have to be soft and patient. This has molded me to become a soft fellow.

In official life also I could achieve the targets and successful by being soft and non-controversial . Wherever needed I asserted the requirements also, by being soft at the same time.

But now i have started thinking that softness is a weakness, as many people take it for granted and start cheating and adding lot of tension to a soft person.

What is your view? softness is a virtue or weakness?


  1. Sir Its exactly reflect my life :-) Softness will be helpful for only certain cases / places. Especially in our official life we should not a be soft person. if we are then we won't be good manager or bosses.

    In the current world softness won't be helpful. Its my present view.

    I had written a article in 2009 related to this topic (not exactly). If time permits read it

    Now I'm changing lot but its really difficult to change :-(

    Sir its really nice meaningful post. Thanks

    1. Thanks Giri.. inherent nature of a person cannot be changed..

  2. Rajan Sir,
    Many times the same thought wandered on my mind when people taking advantage of my softness, some time I outburst. I asked myself the softness is lead to me to weakness, getting anger and outburst. I asked myself, Softness is inability to express or failure to handle the situation or individuals.
    For material world softness may be weakness but for the spiritual world I firmly believe softness is Virtue. I am happy by being a soft person. Hope you may have same opinion.

  3. Thanks for your comment Moasi..I am happy that you are happy by being a soft person.

  4. I am also happy that I am getting comments even now for a blog, when the facebook is dominating...