Friday, September 21, 2012

My dear Vinod...
Three years have gone without you, here..but you are living in our hearts for ever..

Gabriel said..

"If a Doctor told me I had six minutes to live, I would not brood, I would just write faster"
Isaac Asimov

I think Vinod would have done the same. Except in his case he would have tried to read the ten books he had always wanted to read, learn the ten songs hed always wanted to play on the guitar, see all the "Friends" episodes once over, all in the space of that time. And whats more he would probably have ended up doing all that and leaving the doctor baffled by still going strong at the end of six months.  

When I think of Vinod there are so many things that come to mind - music, guitar, breakfast at the idly shop in NGV, playing cricket in the drawing room, all the wonderful trips we all took together, fighting, laughing, intense discussions and arguments on a range of topics.

But what really stood out about Vinod, and to me was his defining attribute was his inquisitiveness about everything. He was always questioning things -starting with himself, and others around him, and the society and the world at large. He had a great desire to know and see and understand everything that he possibly could. Often he used to tell me that he wanted to experience as many new things in life as he possibly could. See lot of new places, have lot of adventures, try all sort of different activities.

And to go with this natural inquisitiveness he was blessed with a disarming openness. He was naturally interested in people and what they had to say, but also had the ability to absorb what they were saying without judging them. And that i believe led to his other great ability - to make friends. I was always amazed at range and diversity of people he knew and kept in touch with.”

Dhammonia said…

He leaves behind a vast number of grieving friends and admirers. He was a good sport and an extremely popular guy. Was very sharp and hard working and great company. Extremely humble and sweet character.”

Arjun said..

He was always cheerful and wanted to make the most of what life had to offer him. His casual demeanor gave away the very intelligent personality that he actually was. Never the one to shy away from a verbal volley he had a wonderful sense of humor and even more remarkable sense of timing when it came to making the most funniest of remarks. “

Deepak said..

Vinod...dude...can't believe you're no longer around man. Lot of great memories from the one year we were together in'll always be remembered as a great friend...a guy who can cheer you up any time...thanks for being way you always were...”

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