Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pongal Kolangal

Pongal Kolangal

Pongal Festival is celebrated in Tamil Nadu, South India, during the first day of Tamil month called THAI (mostly it may fall during 13th or 14th of January) to honor the Sun God, honor the farmers, harvest and show our gratitude to bullocks who help the farmers in their noble job of farming and harvesting. This is celebrated for four days - first day called Bogi when the old things will go and new items will find a place in the house and workplace of farmers. The second day called Pongal is to pray Sun God for prosperity and welfare of land and fields, third day called Maattu Pongal is to thank and honor the bull. Fourth day called Kari Naal is to enjoy roaming around the places with friends and family members.

As a preparation to these festival and also during these days, girls and ladies in every house will show their artistic talent by drawing the street art called Kolangal on the ground in front of their house enterance. Some snaps of the kolangal taken by me in our area are shown in "My Gallery" page. Please visit and let me know which kolam you like the most...........

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