Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year Resolutions - 2012

Photo courtesy: Save the Children

It is time for framing New year resolutions for 2012 and reviewing the status of resolutions made for 2011

Making resolutions are easy, bu treviewing it then and there and completing the resolutions are important.

For years, I used to make resolutions and totally forgot them after January.

So, I make a new resolution this year on how to handle resolutions:

1. Your resolutions should be thought carefully and should be dofferent from your 'To do' list
. Add 'Help the needy' as one of the 'must do' resolution.
2. Record the resolutions somewhere for accessing frequently. ( An excel sheet is ideal)
3. Keep accessing your list of resolutions and follow for completion
4. Record the progress in your resolution list itself
5. have a strong will power to carry out the resolutions, otherwise the resolutions could be postponed or abondened.

If you have some more thoughts on this,  please feel free to add as comments to this post.

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