Wednesday, April 29, 2009

One of my best creations...........

This was drawn by me during my college days. It bagged many prizes in the college and was published as the best entry in the in-house magazine of the Bank where I worked.

Medium: Drawing paper and glass marking pencil.

You may feel the stickiness of the pencil whenever you touch the original. This glass marking pencil was chosen to get the special effects of the wrinkles in the face.


  1. Oh Sir! I dint know that you draw... Once I told to someone, If God come down and ask me what talent you need, I would wish to become a cartoonist… I love Caricatures too..

  2. Thanks Libu.. I used to draw from my childhood..but never went to any Arts School. This was purely driven by inspiration and for my soul satisfaction. Many times, during my school and college days I used to draw at a stretch skipping even my food. My mother had lot of troubles in calling me for food or any other daily chorus. But during later years, all my sweet times meant for art were eaten away by the office pressure. Now I am free and started again pursuing my passion. :)

  3. Rajan,
    This picture is very realistic and shows the entire emotion of that old man. Great work! Waiting to see more of the other side of you.


  4. Thanks SDS for your nice comments.

    I will keep posting many such wonderful pencil drawings done by me. Please keep visiting my site frequently.

  5. I agree.. this is one of the best drawings I have seen.. you have captured the old age so very nicely.. it truly deserves many awards!!
    Kind regards

  6. This is really amazing and very natural one. I can understand your imaginary of sad oldman's face which drawn by your lovely fingers.

    Need more pictures from you.


  7. Really this is amazing one. Very good imaginary power to draw the sad oldman's face which your fingers exactly did.

    Nice to see some more realistic pictures